Ira 3: Remote Control for Home Theater PC

Ira-3 OEM
Ira 3 OEM
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Ira-3 is a compact and reliable Infra-Red (IR) receiver, designed to work with consumer remote controls. It serves one simple purpose: allow control of the PC with a remote control. It employs an updated code generating algorithm which is compatible with a majority of remote controls, has an external trigger connector. Ira-3 has several programmable parameters that can be changed to accommodate unusual IR protocols.


Some of the functions that you can perform remotely with the help of Ira

  • Pause, Stop, Play your audio, video, or DVD player applications.
  • Change video resolution
  • Enable/disable subtitles
  • Flip pages during your presentation
  • Shut down your computer and turn it on


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  • Compatible with most existing remote controls
  • Compatible with all (to our knowledge) programs that work with remote controls
  • Red LED indicator ensure easy troubleshooting. You will not be guessing what exactly is not working
  • Compact and elegant design
  • Detachable cable allows you select cable of required length
  • WOL Connector. Ira-3 can now power up your PC or trigger other external devices.

Principal Parts

Ira 3
  1. Long range 38KHz IR receiver
  2. Optional long range 56KHz receiver
  3. Red indicator
  4. WOL connector
  5. RJ45 connector (serial port)

OEM version

OEM version

Ira 3 OEM version is the same device electronically, but comes without a plastic enclosure. It is intended for installation inside a PC. Click here to view mechanical dimensions and layout of the Ira-3 OEM board. 1.5ft ribbon cable with a 5x2 pin connector is included.



DB9 to RJ45 converter

Ira-3 has a standard RJ45 connector. This makes cabling a lot more flexible. You can either purchase a RJ45 to DB9 cable from us, or you can purchase RJ45 to DB9 adapter (shown on the right) and use a required length of CAT5 cable. This approach is also beneficial if you want to run the cable through the walls. DB9 connectors are rather bulky and hard to route through narrow space. Instead you can run CAT5 cable through the wall (or use an existing wiring) and connect Ira3 on one side and DB9-RJ45 adapter on the other side.


Technical Requirements

PC with one free serial port (DB9; if you have a serial port with DB25 connector, you will need an adapter). Memory and CPU requirements depend on software. Generally, x486 with 8Mb should be enough.



Computer Interface RS-232 (Serial Port)
IR modulation frequency 36-40kHz
Distance from the remote control At least 8 meters. Can reach as much as 12 meters depending on the type of the remote control, batteries, and lighting conditions in the room.
Cable length 1.5m (5ft) cable, DB-9 to RJ45 is optionally supplied.
Dimensions 58x38x19mm (2.3"x1.5"x0.75")
OS Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7; Linux