Q. How do you pronounce the name of your device?
A. Suggested pronounciation is like the word "mIRAge"

Q. Can I use Ira to exchange data with my PDA or cell phone?
A. No. PDA and cell phones use IrDA protocol to exchange data. Ira is not compatible with IrDA.

Q. What is the difference between Ira and Ira-2?
A. Ira-2 works correctly with wider range of remote controls. In addition, it can work with JP1 tools and together with Tira-2 can be used as an IR remote extender.

Q. Does Ira require batteries?
A. No, Ira is powered from the serial port, it does not require batteries or any other power supply.

Q. Is Ira compatible with applications like WinAmp, Media Player?
A. Ira does not directly work with applications. Instead, it interacts with IR receiver programs, like Girder or IRAssistant. And those programs are compatible with WinAmp and Media Player.

Q. I have a remote control from a TV (VCR, Stereo, Cable box etc) made by company A. Will it work with Ira?
A. If you purchased Ira after Jan 30, 2003, the answer is probably yes. Ira is designed to work with all remotes that use frequency in the range of 32-42kHz. As of now, we know only two companies that use frequency out of this range: "Bang & Olufsen" and "Vidikron". Remote control from all other brands should work.
If you purchased Ira before this date, the answer is still probably yes, but Ira might not work properly with some rare brands of remotes.

Q. Can I use a universal remote control with Ira?
A. Yes

Q. Can I use Palm Pilot as a remote control with Ira? What would be the reception range?
A. Yes, you can use Palm as a remote control if you have a special program for it. You can determine the reception range by using Palm to control your TV. The reception range of Ira will generally be better.

Q. How does Ira compare to devices like LIRC?
A. LIRC is merely an IR receiver connected to a serial port.

Q. Can I connect use Wake-Up function of Ira-3 if my motherboard does not have WOL connector?
A. The service software has to constantly poll it in order to detect signal from the remote. The reception might be not very reliable when you run CPU-intensive applications, like DVD playback.
Unlike LIRC, Ira has a microcontroller that monitors IR receiver. The service software is mostly idle, and only wakes up when Ira sends a signal. It does not matter how much you load your CPU, the reception always works fine.

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